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Start Your Damage Claim Properly

You may qualify for an Insurance Claim roof replacement due to damages such as missing shingle tabs from moderate to strong winds created by only local storms.

Do not accept the estimate provided by the adjuster representing the Insurance Company, until it is reviewed by a professional hired to represent you.

Especially For Insurance claim reasons, A Roof Damage Report prepared by a State Certified Roofing Contractor, holds more weight and merit than a report prepared by a public adjuster for the same damages. This is obvious due to the complexity involved with so many different roof systems and types compounded by constant changing of building codes and regulations. 

In any Insurance Claim situation, it is strongly advisable that you have representation. Property insurance recovery can be a complex issue due to so many nonstandard variables. A public adjuster can help in many ways but he or she is not a Roofing Contractor and simply will not be able to evaluate the entire project properly due to many Variables such as Mandatory use of certain materials and techniques set by new building costs. By using a State Certified Building and Roofing Contractor, you guarantee that all grounds are covered and the estimate for restoring your Roof and other related items covers every and all possible details including changes to the Building Code. 

ANC Roofing has worked with every possible insurance company in the State of Florida. We have a long running relationship and experience with these companies and their procedures.

Allow ANC to do what we do best for your own protection and for the greatest possible outcome.

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Our Experience

ANC Roofing, Inc. has gained invaluable experience and expertise in meeting with insurance adjustors and working harmoniously with insurance companies throughout the many storms that have struck Florida the past 25 years. Through hail storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical storms and major high wind events like the infamous unnamed “Storm of the Century” in 1993. And we can drop names. How about Charlie, Francis, and Jeanne in 2004? Three hurricanes in six weeks! Jeanne liked us so much she stuck around for two days! Then there was Hurricane Wilma in 2005. We established a branch office and helped our South Florida neighbors for five years. Through all these storms we helped thousands of satisfied and grateful customers restore their homes or businesses to its pre-storm glory. And we do so by being knowledgeable and informed of all the ins-and-outs of the entire claims process to achieve the maximum settlement possible. We’ve established a great rapport and working relationship with all the insurance companies by demonstrating professionalism, cooperation, and a firm commitment to superior craftsmanship using the highest grade products. At ANC Roofing, Inc., we don’t “haggle” with your insurance company. We communicate effectively to benefit you.

How The Claims Process Works.

After a catastrophe like a hurricane and your home or business is damaged, you need to notify your insurance company immediately to set the process in motion. We can take it from there. An ANC Roofing, Inc. representative will meticulously document and photograph every single item that was damaged. A detailed, itemized scope-of-loss estimate will be generated using proprietary software that is the industry standard. It’s similar to what insurers use so that from the beginning we are speaking the same language and lingo, Insurances.  We submit everything to your insurance company and remain in constant contact, meeting with your adjuster as often as necessary. Your only out-of-pocket cost will be your deductible and we will proceed restoring your home based on the settlement received in accordance with your insurer. After a peril like a hurricane, for some it’s a formidable process with insurance claims. At ANC Roofing, Inc. we navigate you through that unsettling sea of intricacies until everything is settled.

Get A Policy Review! Some policyholders are like sitting ducks during Hurricane Season because they lack the right protection for a shot from Mother Nature. Call your agent or broker to review your policy to advise if it’s adequate coverage for your property. One phone call will save you a lot of grief and thousands of dollars. Click on the link below from the Florida Department of Financial Services that highlights major policy provisions that may help you formulate any questions you might have on these coverages with your agent or broker.