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Flat Roofing

In general, most homes in Florida have a Shingle, Tile or a Metal system for their roof covering. However many of these homes have a low slope or a Flat area with some type of low slope roofing system as roof covering.

These low slope areas are very critical, sense most often the first signs of roof failure and water penetration arises from these areas. This is not a surprise sense these flat areas have a tendency to either shed water slower than their other steeper counterparts or flat out will retain and pond water for the worst.

At ANC Roofing Inc., our philosophy to low slope and flat roofs is such that if you are going to invest and place a lifetime shingle, metal or tile on the primary standard slopes, it only makes sense to provide the best system possible for the low slope areas as well.

At ANC, First we offer ways to insure water flow and drainage of the low slope areas. This is the most important approach sense retaining water will most certainly cut the life expectations of any roof system by several hundred percent.

We further offer several systems of choice depending on roof configuration and type of other roof covering on hand. Most often we use systems such as a 3 layer Modified Bitumen product to last well over 20 years.

Please see our Photo Gallery for images of low slope roofing and process.