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The last roof you will ever install on your residence! In the long run, a metal roof costs less than any other roof system! How would you like 180 MPH wind uplift warranty on your metal roof system?

Are you considering a metal roof for your home or business? ANC Roofing, Inc. offers various styles of metal roofing ranging from the traditional, standing seam metal roofing with hidden fasteners, standard ribbed panels with exposed fasteners, to metal that looks like tile, slate or even wood shake.

The days of replacing your roof again and again are over with our exclusive TRUE LIFETIME WARRANTY that covers ALL labor, ALL materials and even free service FOR AS LONG AS YOU OWN YOUR HOME! No other roofer offers a lifetime warranty, as they just pass to you the manufactures materials warranty that is full of exclusions. We even offer a patented, insulated metal roof system that is GUARANTEED to cut your cooling costs by 25% (residential applications only).

Ready to learn more? Read further to learn about the various styles we offer, as well as information about pricing, longevity and the hurricane protection you will enjoy with your new metal roof.


Have you been putting off your roof repair or replacement due to lack of funds? ANC Roofing can help! With $0 down, and payments as low as $79 per month, there’s no reason to put it off while it gets worse.

With multiple lenders by our side, we make it easy to own a new roof, or to get your roof repaired now, rather than later. We can even get you prequalified over the phone so that you’ll have a pre-set budget to work with.

  • $0 Down
  • Low Rates
  • Terms Up To 12 Years
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • No Home Equity Required


Ribbed Metal Roofing

Ribbed panel metal roofing is the most common style of metal roofing you will see today. It is the lowest cost type of metal roof and is also known as an exposed fastener metal roof as the fasteners are not hidden. The profile of a ribbed metal roof looks very similar to that of a standing seam metal roof, but the attachment process is different. While a standing seam metal roof is attached with clips or screws that are covered by the panels, a ribbed metal roof is installed with the fasteners going through the panels with a flexible, water tight “washer” under the fasteners to prevent water intrusion. ANC Roofing, Inc. can install either 26 gauge or 29 gauge panels with the 26 gauge being the thicker of the two. We offer various grades (quality vs. price) ranging from “budget” metal roofs to insulated metal roofs with available all-inclusive Lifetime Warranties.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing, also known as hidden fastener metal roofing, has grown in popularity recently. A hidden fastener metal roof offers the benefit of all clip and fastener attachments being “Hidden” under the panels. If you are concerned about fastener degradation over time, a standing seam metal roof may be right for you. However, many find the initial cost of a standing seam to be out of their budget as it is slightly higher in cost when compared to an exposed fastener metal roof. ANC Roofing, Inc. can install either 24 gauge steel panels or aluminum panels if you live near salt water. We offer various grades (quality vs. price) ranging from “budget” metal roofs to insulated metal roofs with available all-inclusive Lifetime Warranties.

Metal Tile, Shake, Slate or Shingles

Gone are the days of having to settle for the “barn” or “Industrial” looks of traditional metal roofing. You can now enjoy the benefits of a metal roof on your home or business that looks like the perfect tile, slate, wood shake or shingle installation. Discerning types who are as interested in appearance and resale value as they are in longevity are no longer limited by standard metal roofing profiles. These types of metal roofs are the highest in cost when compared to other types of metal roofs, but they offer resale value like no other. ANC Roofing, Inc. can install these types of metal roofs in various grades (quality vs. price) ranging from “budget” metal roofs to insulated metal roofs with available all-inclusive Lifetime Warranties.


Our professional contracting crews are certified roofing experts who are ready to get the job done right for your home. We have the expertise. We have the inventory. Now, we just need your phone call!

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