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Shingle Re Roofing

Besides being the best at what we do, ANC offers the longest workmanship warranty in the Greater Orlando Area. Our "Install Life" system, utilizes quality and affordable products and combines these products with an Over Kill Installation Process to offer a Lifetime Installation Warranty. In addition to the "Install Life" warranty, ANC utilizes a non-Prorated "Lifetime" Material Warranty by the manufacturer.

By offering these two key warranties, you are covered on any roofing issues no matter what, 100% for life!

ANC Roofing offers several shingle types with a wide variety of color choices, including the Cool Color series that can drop your energy bill by 10% to 20%. Additional Ventilation and Insulation can take the energy savings as high as 25%. We also offer great payment option plans that if used in conjunction with an Energy Efficient Roof System, can easily end up covering part or most of the monthly installments. We often ask, why be out of pocket the entire roof cost, when you can choose the payment option and let the Energy Savings pay for part or most of the payments.

Please see our Photo Gallery for some impressive Shingle Roof Installation.