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Factors That Shape Roofing Estimates

Why are some roof estimates seemingly sky high, while others seem a real steal? For context, HomeAdvisor’s roofing cost guide reports a 2016 national average roof cost of $6,794, based on job costs ranging between $2,000 and $25,000.

Simply put, all not roof estimates are created equally because no two roofs are identical. The particulars of each roof affect the amount of materials and labor required. Then there’s the competition component (reflected in cost estimates, financing, and more).

While roofs do differ from job to job, the following factors all weigh heavily on any professional roof estimate.

– Size and pitch of roof: the steeper the pitch, the bigger the roof, and the more labor, materials, and time needed.

– Choice of roofing materials, installation method, and number of layers: previously repaired roofs may have more layers to strip.

– Local building codes and local market: roof regulations, supply prices, and labor costs all vary by region.

– Skylights, chimneys, plumbing pipes, or other rooftop issues: the more of these there are, the higher the estimate.

Whether for a new roof or a repair, to find the best fit for the job, one should always get 2-3 estimates and accept the lowest offer that will still yield a leakproof, professionally installed roof. Remember: the smartest money many homeowners ever spend is on a top-quality roofing job.


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