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How Installing a New Roof Is Good for Selling a Home

Neighborhood, school district, size, amenities—these are all important features when it comes time to put a house on the market. One home feature that’s often overlooked, however, is its roof, and according to recent reports by Remodeling Magazine, having a new roof can increase a home’s market value by up to $12,000. Here’s how installing a new roof is one way to increase the chances of a quick, successful home sale.

A New Roof Increases the Chance of a Successful Inspection

The condition of a home’s roof tells prospective buyers a lot about how secure and updated the property is. Having a recent roof replacement is especially helpful during a home inspection, which is a major selling point. A roof that’s falling apart or showing obvious signs of wear and tear will be a major red flag to inspectors, so installing a new one can ensure a more positive inspection.

Appearance Is Everything

When prospective buyers arrive at a home for sale, the first thing they’ll do is inspect the house’s exterior to gain a first impression. If the roof is damaged, missing shingles, or appears otherwise in need of repairs, buyers will be less inclined to consider purchasing. Having a roof replacement ensures that the home’s exterior looks updated and safe, which will be a major selling factor to buyers.

A New Roof Can Mean Energy Savings

As sustainability and energy efficiency become increasingly attractive as home features, new roofing that complies with environmental standards will become more desirable to buyers. Some new roofing materials are specially designed to better reflect solar heat, which reduces overall energy consumption and, as a result, energy expenses. Showing buyers that a home is outfitted for a "greener" future can, therefore, be a major selling point.

Having a roof replacement can increase a home’s chances on the market in several ways. For over 25 years, ANC Roofing Inc. has been outfitting homes in Winter Garden and the surrounding Orlando area with modern, lasting roofing. To learn more about how a new roof can benefit your home, give us a call today at 407-654-4500.


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