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Clay Tile Roofs

Maintenance Tips for Clay Tile Roofs

Clay tile is among today’s most popular styles of roofing. Under normal circumstances, an annual inspection and periodic maintenance are sufficient to keep clay roofing in excellent condition and free of leaks. Here are some tips for keeping clay roofing trouble-free and the home dry.

Schedule an Annual Inspection 

Schedule a professional inspection of the roof every spring or fall. A qualified roofing contractor knows where to find the cracks, chips, bruising, and other distortions caused by rain, heat, wind, snow, and ice. Immediately replace any tiles that are cracked or leaking.

Combat Roof Algae

Clay tiles tend to attract algae. A low-pressure power washer and a mild solution of dish detergent and warm water will eliminate it, but never aim the spray directly at the tiles—water pressure can crack them. An appropriate sealant will discourage the accumulation of algae, dirt, and mold on the roof.

Limit the Threat of Routine Debris


In addition to algae, clay tile roofing is as vulnerable as any other roof to the natural accumulation of tree branches, leaves, grime, and other airborne debris. Too much of this rubble clogs gutters and backs up water that can leak through the roof and cascade from it, increasing the possibility of repairs in and outside the home. At this point, a qualified roofing contractor should be contacted for an evaluation.

Prevent Potential Calamities


Targeting and fixing small issues as they occur tends to avert repairs—even new roofing—in the future. In addition to periodically cleaning the gutters and downspouts, cover them with a layer of wire mesh to keep excessive debris from collecting. In the wake of heavy storms or rapid thaws, schedule a professional inspection of the underside of the roof from the attic to detect any stages of leaking.

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