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Spring Maintenance for Your Roof

Once it starts to get warm enough to have cookouts and backyard gatherings, it’s time to take care of your roof. For most people, their roofs don’t come to mind when they think about spring cleaning, but regular maintenance is a vital part of protecting your roof’s longevity.

Safety First

When working on your roof, always take precautions to keep yourself safe. Before performing any maintenance, make sure that it hasn’t rained for a few days. Then, use a sturdy ladder that’s tall enough for you to climb onto the roof safely. You should also wear boots with good traction to avoid slipping. Most importantly, always bring a partner to keep the ladder steady and watch your back.

Keep It Clean

Although the winters in Florida are reasonably mild, there will probably be branches or other debris that built up in your gutters and downspouts earlier in the year during hurricane season. Brush away leaves, branches, and other accumulated debris. Obstruction in your gutters can result in damming, which causes water to puddle on your roof. This buildup of moisture can lead to mold or algae growth that can cause damage. Before trying to fix these issues yourself, you should call a roofing professional.

Keep Track of Damage

After cleaning your roof, look out for damage and take photos because your insurance might cover some of the repairs. Check for missing, cracked, or curling shingles; stains that may indicate leaks; and rust on any metal panels.

Replace It If You Have to

Some problems can be fixed and don’t require lengthy repairs. However, extensive structural damage may require a roof replacement. Roof replacements often provide a much-needed upgrade to make sure your roof can withstand hurricane-force winds while increasing the value of your home.

If your roof could use some repairs, ANC Roofing Inc. can help. Our staff has decades of experience helping homeowners in Winter Garden, FL and other parts of the Orlando area. We offer comprehensive roof repairs and replacements, as well as free estimates, extended warranties, and flexible financing options. Plus, we don’t require a deposit to start working. Our experienced roofing professionals can assess the damage and recommend the best course of action for your home. To schedule an inspection, call 407-654-4500 or contact us online.


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