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Understanding Material Vs. Labor Warranties for Roofs

From renovating an existing house to brand new construction, a new roof is a big purchase. A roof warranty can help a homeowner feel secure that their purchase will last. While homeowners often focus on how long the roof’s warranty lasts, it’s just as important to know what, exactly, is covered.

Material Warranty

A material warranty, also known as a manufacturer’s warranty, usually covers only the materials used to build the roof. Materials-only warranties typically cost less than a full-system warranty, but they just cover the roof membrane and do not cover flashing, edging, or other parts of the roof. They will also usually only cover the cost of repair or credit towards replacement in the case of a defect or early deterioration of the materials. This may be a good option for a family with budget considerations, but it will be less cost-effective if major roofing repairs are needed.

Labor Warranty 

A labor warranty is offered by the installers of the roof and covers the labor costs associated with repairing a defect in the roofing materials. It is often confused with a roof workmanship warranty, which covers mistakes made by laborers during installation; however, a labor warranty typically does not cover installation errors.

Full-System Warranty

In a full-system warranty, all parts of the roof are covered in the event of leaks, including the flashing, insulation, adhesives, and more. The labor costs associated with repairs are also usually covered. Although a full-system warranty is the most expensive, it can pay for itself if extensive repairs are needed. Of course, every warranty is different, so homeowners should be sure to read the paperwork thoroughly.

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