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What Is a Wind Mitigation Report?

Being a homeowner can include implementing many financial and preventative measures that aren’t always apparent. Getting a wind mitigation report is a simple way to ensure that a home can withstand the test of time physically and prevent unnecessary costs in the long run.

What Is Wind Mitigation? 

To understand what a wind mitigation report is, it’s important first to understand wind mitigation. Wind mitigation is simply the process of adding certain features or developments to a home that make it more durable against long term wind damage. Some choices can be as simple as choosing between metal, shingle, or tile roofing. This process increases resistance to winds of very high speeds. Wind mitigation is particularly necessary for areas that receive frequent hurricanes or severe storms.

Breaking Down the Wind Mitigation Report

Since wind mitigation is so important to the structure of a home, roofing professionals offer wind mitigation reports. These reports are an assessment of how prepared a home is to withstand severe winds of high speeds. Although these reports are not required by insurance, even in Florida where we receive lots of hurricane damage, they are still highly recommended and can be a selling point in the sale of a home. They provide detailed notifications of problem areas and potential weak spots on a homeowner’s roof and foundation.

Benefits of Having A Wind Mitigation Report

Receiving a wind mitigation report is the best fool-proof way to know how prepared a home is to withstand the forces of nature. Particularly in target states, it is more beneficial to know for sure that a home is prepared than to risk long-term damages. These reports can lead to homeowners installing more secure preventative measures against high speed and damaging winds. These can range from water barriers to prevent against intense rain, window and door coverings such as shatterproof windows and storm shutters, and roof to foundation anchoring.

Receiving a wind mitigation report is a simple project that can pay off significantly in the long run by protecting a home against potential damage, thereby preventing costs on problems such as roof repair. To receive a free estimate for a roofing project or a mitigation report, contact the professionals at ANC Roofing Inc. today by calling 407-654-4500.


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