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Wind-Resistant Roof Features

Florida residents need a wind-resistant roof with the strength to withstand hurricane-strength gales. These are the most important features for homeowners to consider when choosing a durable, long-lasting roof for the area’s tropical climate.

Shape and Style

A four-sided roof, also known as a hip roof, is better able to stand up to strong winds than other designs. Homes with a gable roof, which features only two or three sides with a pitch, rather than four, should consider bracing to strengthen the gable walls and meet the International Residential Code (IRC) guidelines for building projects.

Design Features

In regions where hurricanes are common, a moderate roof pitch reduces wind load and keeps the structure intact under strong winds. Roofs with a steep pitch can be affected by uplift when strong winds arise. Most experts recommend moderately sloping or flat roofs with eaves no wider than 2 feet to help prevent uplift, ideally less than 20 inches or nonexistent.

Sealed seams cover the gaps that let the roof materials expand and contract with roofing tape. This measure prevents leakage in heavy rains. Experts recommend a frieze board that is notched to accommodate the rafters and attached to both the roof and the walls of the home.


When it comes to roofing materials, some choices are stronger than others. Metal and tile are the best options to help with wind resistance. Shingles should be attached to thick plywood with closely spaced nails for best results; roofs constructed before 1992 might be attached with staples rather than nails, which were removed from the building code after Hurricane Andrew. Homeowners can also consider a synthetic felt underlay to provide added protection. All materials should meet the IRC’s Class 4 rating for impact resistance.

Wall framing should be attached to the roof rafters with hurricane straps or other attachments designed to reduce uplift. In coastal areas, wood should be copper-treated to resist corrosion and connected with either galvanized or stainless steel nails.

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