Roof Repair for Commercial Buildings in Central Florida

 Expert Commercial Roof Repair in Orlando, FL

Local commercial roof repairs are an important consideration for business owners, for many reasons. Along with the cosmetic concerns, where a shoddy roof is bad for business, there are also concerns over the safety of personnel and customers.  ANC Roofing raises the standard for professional, expert commercial roof repairs that extend far beyond the minimum requirements to our consistently high level of quality. 

Signs of Commercial Roof Damage

The need for roof repairs on a commercial building is an eventuality, due to code and inspection requirements. It may be low down on the list of business priorities, but a damaged roof could lead to much bigger concerns both in and outside your facility. The following are a few telltale signs you may need commercial roofing services, so you can get out in front of the problem before it becomes a more expensive problem:

  • A sagging roof probably indicates deeper problems with the underlying structure. We recommend getting an immediate consultation at the very least, so you can be sure the roof isn’t about to collapse. You can imagine the impact a collapsed roof would have on your business. We handle the root causes
  • A leak or random shafts of natural light are obvious signs of a roof that is damaged to the point where it is exposed to the elements. This is especially problematic in Central Florida, where sun and rain can cause continual damage to the elements underneath the roof.
  • A visual inspection works from the ground of your roof slants and you can see the fixtures like gutters and chimneys.  Watch out for sliding elements that should be stationary, or bits that hang off the side of the building when you stand directly beneath the overhang.

Commercial Roof Repair Services

ANC Roofing provides various commercial flat roof repairs and commercial metal roof repairs for clients in and around Orlando.  Our main focus is providing repairs, installation, and re-roofing services for the most commonly-used materials in Central Florida, which includes:

Of course, this includes roofs that fall under different categories, such as flat metal roofs. We extend these services to include useful assistance beyond just the roofing work, providing financing options, and help with insurance claims.

Other Roofing Services We Provide

ANC Roofing is happy to provide comprehensive packages for all your roofing needs, beyond straightforward repairs.

  • Our inspections are especially important for businesses who need to meet certain code requirements before they open, or to remain open.
  • Emergency commercial roof repairs sound like a big part of a stressful day. We help alleviate most of that stress with prompt and effective services.
  • Think of our re-roofing services as a “roof makeover” rather than a complete replacement. This is the quickest, least expensive means to restore a roof, so it’s a method that works well with emergency roofing needs. 
  • Our commercial roofing estimates are always FREE. We extend this value with no strings attached, to show our customers that we’re serious about delivering solutions at an affordable rate.

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We offer free estimates, so we can provide an assessment that gives a complete picture of any anticipated work. Visit our Contacts page for details, or call one of the three toll-free numbers at the top of each page.

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