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Well-Rounded Flat Roof Repairs

ANC Roofing offers the best solutions when it comes to flat or low slope roof repairs.

In general, if your flat roof ponds water and has no proper drainage, we recommend replacing the roof, since repairing such roofs can only prolong the need for a roof system that drains properly. Not doing so can waste even more hard-earned money on repairs that only last months! In Florida especially, roofs are subject to great amounts of rain annually, and without proper drainage, and no matter what the roof type, roof failure is inevitable.

Roofs in Florida need proper drainage or have to be replaced sooner than later. A brand new and typical 15 year Modified Bitumen roof system will only last 3 to 5 years if ponding moderately and even less if ponding severely.

To remedy the water ponding issues, roofing industry uses several options which we favor the “Tapered System” the most. A tapered system will create just enough slope to drive the water off and avoid ponding of water. As a rule of thumb and as per Manufacturers Guidelines, if water on the roof dries in 24 hours, the roof system has adequate drainage.

Repairs on flat roofs that have proper drainage, and have some life remaining, are a common occurrence with some of the longest repair warranties given by ANC Roofing.

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