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Metal Roof Repair in Orlando, FL

Metal roofs give homes durable, lasting support and a unique look. They can be a great investment since they often last more than 50 years if installed and maintained properly. Although they’re known for their durability, metal roofs still require some level of maintenance and occasional repairs. ANC Roofing Inc. provides inspection and repair services to help maintain your metal roof for years to come.

Metal Roofing Repairs for a Variety of Issues

Natural exposure to the elements can cause damage to metal roofs, so it’s best to have your roof professionally inspected and repaired periodically, especially after a major rain or hailstorm. Repairs to metal roofing almost always involve detail flashing work and boots on plumbing, vents, or fasteners.

Maintaining a Metal Roof

We recommend metal roofs be serviced every three to five years depending on the size and number of trees surrounding your home. If your roof is shaded by multiple large trees that lead to falling branches and leaf build up on the roof, then we suggest service every three years.

Our field staff can determine if your roof needs to be cleaned, primed and painted as well. You can help maintain your metal roof regularly doing the following:

  • Clearing debris, dirt, and mildew from the roof
  • Cleaning the gutters of debris
  • Ensuring that no metal objects are touching the roof
  • Checking for scratches, scuffs, dents, and holes
  • Touching up smaller areas if the paint has been scratched or faded due to overexposure from the elements

Your Trusted Roof Experts

ANC Roofing Inc. has been providing residents in the Greater Orlando area with metal roofing repair services for over 25 years. Browse our gallery to view our past work, then call us at 407-743-4228 when you’re ready to schedule your free estimate.

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