Reliable, Affordable Roof Repair Services in Orlando and Winter Garden, FL

ANC Roofing Inc. offers dependable, affordable roof repair services in the Orlando area. Along with our competitive prices, we make it as easy as possible for customers to get the new roof they need by offering free estimates and connecting customers with financing options.

Signs Your Shingles Need to Be Repaired

There are many signs we look for when determining whether a customer needs shingle repairs. For instance, curled shingles can indicate severe heat damage. Missing shingles, on the other hand, are usually an indication of excessive wind damage.

These missing pieces make the home more susceptible to water damage, which is a serious issue in Florida. Damaged flashings can also serve as a gateway to unwanted water. Flashings may sometimes separate and lift near skylights, chimneys, valleys, and rakes.

If these issues aren’t dealt with promptly, the structure can become even more weakened, resulting in hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars in repair costs.

Shingle Repair Process

Issues such as roof leaks are great candidates for repairs. Roof leaks do not usually call for full replacement with a new roof. To fix this issue, we will first identify the underlying cause and then evaluate the entire structure to ensure that there are no other reasons for concern. Once we pinpoint all vulnerabilities, we will perform the repairs using top of the line materials, such as underlayment, fasteners, fibered modified bitumen sealer, and flashing.

Give Your Roof a Fresh Start

By sealing all problem areas and servicing all boots and vents, we will be giving your roof a fresh start. Because we are committed to providing reliable services, we won’t even attempt a leak repair unless we can warranty the area for one to three years.

ANC Roofing Inc. is dedicated to providing you with safety and satisfaction. Call 407-654-4500 now to schedule a free consultation or learn more about our roof repair services.

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