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​ANC Roofing is the only company in Florida providing a Lifetime installation warranty, 260 MPH wind uplift warranty and a Roof System designed to pay for itself in as low as 10 years while staying extremely competitive!

By utilizing top of the line materials, installation techniques and few added economical & energy saving features, we can maximize your home’s energy efficiency and provide a handsome discount by the home owner’s insurance company through the “Wind Mitigation Report”. Dividends in all around savings add up to cover the “Total Replacement Cost” of your roof depending on number of occupants and energy usage in 10 to 15 years. Your Metal Roof is designed and warrantied for life!

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In general, a metal roof system can withstand much higher velocity wind speeds than other systems such as shingles or tile roofing. However, not all metal roofs are created equal and several key factors play into having a great install/product. The residence shown in the below photo on the shoreline of Mexico Beach took on 155 MPH wind speeds and ultimately saved the residence. Manufacturer guidelines combined with adopting the overkill “Dade County Roofing Code” had everything to do with the survival of this home. These consist of the use of heavier and increased number of special screws, gauge/thickness of the metal panel, existence of reinforcing striations on the metal panel, type of underlay, and few other techniques special to only a few companies adopting the Dade County Approvals. At ANC Roofing Inc we adopted and still use the Dade County Code after Hurricane Wilma by helping with roof replacement of over 400 homes between 2005 and 2008.

Metal Roofing Services by ANC Roofing Inc. in Orlando, FL

Types of Metal Panels/Systems

5 V Profile, Exposed Fastener (Key West Style)

A timeless look and a popular style is one of the most common in Florida. This profile can withstand some of the highest wind uplift ratings at 180+ MPH. The low profile of the panel allows wind to flow over the panels without hardly any resistance. The exposed fasteners contain a washer that seals the screw penetration where a protecting dome covers and protects the washer as the screw is tightened down. Panels are available in 29, 26 and 24 gauge with 24 gauge being the thickest/strongest. A reinforcing bend called Striations are also formed to strengthen the panel further. At ANC Roofing we require the use of of 24 gauge and striations in order to receive the lifetime install and 260 MPH ANC warranties.

Standing Seam (Hidden Fastener)

This top of the line system has a higher profile with seams that overlap and interlock. The standing seams can range from 1″ to 2″ tall. In this profile, screws are installed on a clip or a flange on one panel and then covered up by the next panel, covering/hidding the screw tops. This type of Metal Roof System is installed on homes and well as commercial buildings. Panels are available in 29, 26 and 24 gauge with 24 gauge being the thickest/strongest. A reinforcing bend called Striations are also formed to strengthen the panel further. At ANC Roofing we require the use of of 24 gauge and striations in order to receive the lifetime install and 260 MPH ANC warranties. This is a snap-lock system where panels lock onto each other.

 Combining the durability of steel with the look and feel of slate or shingles

The interlocking Centura panels can resist even hurricane-force winds while the quality G90 galvanized steel provides unmatched fire protection for your home. With continuous integrated nailing flange, the panel interlock interlock on all sides and the fasteners are completely concealed. The roof system is installed from the roof upward and is designed to have the look of dimensional shingles or slate. At 1/4 the weight of conventional roofing shingles, Centura can be installed over most existing roofs. In keeping with the goal of the Green American Home brand to offer products from steel that are environmentally friendly, Centura is produced from steel that has 35% recycled content, allowing project owners to close the recycling loop. Additionally, the coatings are Energy Star listed for their ability to reflect radiant heat, keeping homes naturally cooler in warm weather. Summer electric savings of 20% and even more are not uncommon.

The classic tile look, 5% of the weight!

GrandeTile is available in one and two-course modular or full-length panels, custom-crafted to meet the rafter lengths of any roof. It includes a patented drain channel. Hidden in the overlap between the neighboring panels, the drain channel provides added protection in the event of the fiercest wind-driven rain and snow storms.Tile roofs can weigh up to 2,000 pounds per 100 square feet, placing strain on the home, and posing significant cave-in threat in the event of an interior fire. GrandeTile weighs under 75 pounds per square. Additionally, as part of the Green American Home brand, homeowners report energy savings of up to 20% and more, thanks to the proprietary hI-R® coating.

Premium looks meets high-end performance

Great American Shake is UL rated and rigorously tested against hail, falling debris, wind, and fire. Its concealed clips and four-way interlocking design create a near impenetrable shell of protection against extreme weather, including winds of up to 120 miles per hour. Great American Shake reduces attic heat gain by up to 34% which can save homeowners up to 25% on their summer energy bills. Great American Shake is an Energy Star partner roofing product which may qualify homeowners for federal, state, and local rebates.

Shingles for the 21st Century

Oxford Shingle is an attractive aluminum roofing system designed to provide a beautiful, long-lasting, durable, and energy efficient alternative to traditional roofing materials like standard shingles and slate. The large interlocking panels minimize seams on the roof and feature all concealed fasteners. Oxford Shingles have a four-way interlock that locks each panel to the surrounding panels. The panels are secured to the roof using aluminum fastening clips. The clips, are attached to the panels’ top locks, allow the panels to expand and contract as necessary. The product’s low weight allows installation over many existing roofs.

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