Impeccable line item estimates to help with Insurance Claims

With ANC Roofing’s free roof evaluation/report and estimate, you can start your insurance claim properly.

You may qualify for an insurance claim roof replacement due to damages such as missing shingle tabs from moderate to strong winds created by only local storms. The estimate provided by the insurance company may have many missing or incorrect items such as Code Upgrade, Incorrect roof size, unequal roof system replacement value, inadequate ventilation and so many other errors that ultimately result in a lesser payment or an inferior roof system.

You have the right to initially hire your contractor before any insurance settlement and allow a professional like ANC Roofing Inc. provide a comprehensive roof report on extent of damages. This report and photographs will be accompanied with a detailed line item estimate for your protection and use.

In short, by using a State-Certified building and roofing contractor, you guarantee that all grounds are covered and the estimate for restoring your roof and other related items covers every and all possible details including changes to the building code.

ANC Roofing has worked with every possible insurance company in the state of Florida. We have a long-running relationship and experience with these companies and their procedures.

Allow ANC to do what we do best for your own protection and for the greatest possible outcome!

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