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Roof Maintenance from ANC Roofing in Orlando, FL

Roof Maintenance in Orlando, FL

Maintaining Your Roof Today Saves Money Tomorrow

Roof maintenance is especially important for coastal areas near Orlando, like Melbourne and Ormond Beach. ANC Roofing can help fortify your commercial and residential properties against extreme weather.

Professional Roof Maintenance in the Greater Orlando Area

Maintaining your roof is part of building ownership, whether it's a residential or commercial property. While we are in the business of repairing and replacing damaged roofs, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to help keep yours from falling into disrepair. The need for maintenance should become clear after an initial consultation, whether it’s a routine maintenance job or replacing a devastating roof. ANC Roofing, Inc. is a roof maintenance company you can rely on for prompt and efficient service. 

General Roof Maintenance

1)     Inspection - This is an assessment of the roof’s condition that is done without any work, where an experienced roofing contractor will look for problem areas that may become bigger problems later. This is especially relevant for locations that are subject to violent weather, as the hurricane risk areas of Ormond Beach and Melbourne.


2)     Cleaning - This step is about clearing problem areas like gutters where dirt and debris accumulate, which can lead to leaks and bigger problems down the road. Even if this part of the job is relatively simple, it becomes invaluable to home or business owners who can’t climb ladders or simply don’t want to.

3)     Sealing Leaks - Inspection may reveal some holes in the roof or its foundation that don’t necessarily warrant the replacement of materials. These problems might be handled with a simple sealing operation or a fresh layer of adhesive under existing tiles.

A free estimate is the first step before deciding whether you need our top-quality roof maintenance, or if there are deeper concerns to address. 


Why Is Roof Maintenance So Important?

At ANC Roofing, we understand that a roof is more than just a fixture. The roof represents safety and security for families, and it protects the valuable assets that are typically stored in commercial properties. Like any form of maintenance, roof maintenance steps are taken to prevent larger problems from developing. A small hole that remains unattended can grow into a bigger hole after a few storms, increasing water damage to supporting structures.

Residential and Commercial Roof Maintenance Services

Our roof maintenance services apply to both residential homes and commercial properties like stores and warehouses. This includes metal roof maintenance, flat roof maintenance, and combinations of the two. Commercial properties are generally more involved because they have larger surface areas and more moving parts like flashings and ventilation shafts.

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If you’re having trouble figuring out the correct route between repair, re-roofing, replacement, or maintenance, our free estimates provide an objective assessment of any expected roof maintenance costs.

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