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Commercial Roof Maintenance Contractors in Orlando, FL

Commercial Roof Maintenance in Orlando, FL

Ensure Your Business’s Protection with Roof Maintenance

Living and operating in South Florida, we know how hurricane weather can affect our property. Most importantly, it affects our commercial roofs. The damage done to our roofs by high winds, water damage, and mold growth develops over time, making for potentially expensive repairs and replacements. While we conduct these services at competitive rates, we prefer to provide routine maintenance, inspections, repairs, and cleanings. At ANC Roofing, we provide comprehensive commercial roof maintenance checks. We’ll go over what is all included in our services and why you should hire our team to help you preserve the life of your commercial roof.

When you’re ready to start saving money on your investment, contact ANC Roofing today to get a free quote on your commercial roof maintenance services.

Why Should I Maintain My Commercial Roof?

There are many reasons why you should hire a professional roofer to conduct routine, yearly maintenance on your commercial roof.

Identify potential issues:

One of the main aspects of routine roof maintenance is a full roof inspection. Our team will conduct an in-depth inspection of your roof before doing any work to identify any underlying conditions and potential issues that you may need to repair now or down the line. This helps you budget better for your business and identify what you're up against if any repairs are needed. Problems in your roof don't go away on their own – they get worse without repair or replacement.

Extends your roof’s lifespan:

Commercial roofing, as you know, isn’t the cheapest investment. Whether you have installed a new roof recently or are looking to prolong your roof’s lifespan as much as possible, routine maintenance helps you achieve this goal. Just like your fleet vehicles, your roof requires maintenance, repairs, and cleaning to last long. Protect your investment with routine maintenance services by our team of experts.

Prevent emergency repairs:

Nobody wants to deal with unexpected leaks and emergency repair for their business. Most emergency roofing repairs require you to close your business for extended periods of time while the repair or replacement is conducted. Avoid halting production, sales, and operation due to negligence by always staying on top of your roof’s quality and knowing any upcoming repairs. This way, you can schedule them around your operation to maximize profits and not have to worry about shutting down production due to a surprise emergency leak.

Keep your employees and customers safe:

Making sure your roof is safe, operational, and clean helps protect everyone in your business.

What Can I Expect from a Commercial Roof Maintenance Service?

At ANC Roofing, you can expect only the best for your comprehensive commercial roof maintenance service. We conduct the following services during our maintenance:

  • In-depth inspection
  • Removal of debris
  • Cleaning
  • Minor repairs
  • Shingle replacement
  • Photo documentation of problem areas
  • Leak tests
  • Interior and exterior maintenance

Upon completion, we provide you with a detailed report of our findings and fixes we've made. From there, if we find any outstanding problem areas or reasons for concern, we will put together a plan that outlines fixes and pricing. A typical maintenance check and inspection takes about an hour. This can change depending on the extent of damage to your roof and the size.

Types of Commercial Roofs We Maintain

Our roofing experts have years of experience working on a wide range of types of roofs, materials, sizes, and more. We stay versatile to adapt to your needs. We work most predominantly with the following roof types:

  • Metal
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Thermoplastic Roof Membrane

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Whether you just suffered through a bad storm or you’re overdue on your roof’s maintenance, contact our team to schedule your commercial roofing maintenance service. We have years of experience working on a wide range of roofing materials and for different industries. We look forward to helping you protect your investment and stay operational without having to spend an arm and a leg replacing your commercial roof. Contact us today for a free estimate on all of our commercial roofing solutions.

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