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Roof Replacement by ANC Roofing in Orlando, Florida

Roof Maintenance in Orlando, FL

Professional Roof Replacement Services

ANC Roofing works with private residents, contractors, and commercial building owners throughout Greater Orlando. These services extend to the cities of Melbourne and Ormond Beach, extending our pristine reputation to the hard-to-reach cities by the coast. 

Complete Roof Replacement for Commercial and Residential Properties

Residential roof replacement and commercial roof replacement services are both complex jobs. A premier agency like ANC Roofing approaches this challenge with the skill and professionalism that can only be earned from decades of experience. Unlike re-roofing, which places roofing materials as a layer on top of others, a roof replacement means removal of the previous roof and relaying all materials down to the foundation.

We offer the following services for roof replacement:

You can find out more about each of these roof replacement services by calling for a free estimate.


How to Find Signs of Roof Damage

Roof damage can come in many forms, some of which are obvious, and others that need to be found. Consider the following tips on how to spot signs that indicate you may need a roof replacement.

  • Water stains on the ceiling and floor might be an indication you’ve sprung a leak in the roof above. You may also notice the floor beneath certain spots has become soft and spongy from continued water exposure. Water damage can lead to lasting structural damage.
  • Depending on the roof type, checking the gutters is a smart way to see if there is breakage above without climbing a ladder. Materials like asphalt will let loose debris when damaged, which runs into the gutter and ends up at the bottom of the drain pipe.
  • Drafts and light exposure are other possible signs of roof damage. You might have a room that doesn’t match the temperature of the rest of the building, or you might see a shaft of light appearing in a room with no windows. Both scenarios indicate there may be a hole in your roof.
  • A sagging roof is the most obvious sign that you need a complete residential or commercial roof replacement. Extensive damage is required for a roof to sag, and the consequences of ignoring this problem are much more severe.


Our Roofing Processes

ANC Roofing offers inspections for residential and commercial roofs, which match the best practices expected by any governing health and safety agency. This includes high-tech remote satellite measuring and interior inspections. We also provide emergency roofing services. 

Re-roofing is a method that adds new tiles on top of existing ones, an excellent method to protect your commercial or residential interior without removing the previous roof. Re-roofing is only feasible in certain situations, however. Some roofs may be damaged to the point where replacement is the only option, while others may have already undergone a re-roofing process and have too many layers for new tiles or shingles.

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Our roofing process generally starts with a free estimate, which serves asprofessional consultation. That way, there are no mysteries about any roof replacement costs, and you can see that our services are more thorough than any you’ll find nearby and more cost-effective.

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