Quality Commercial Roof Replacement Services in Orlando

Commercial Roof Replacement Services in Orlando

What Is Commercial Roofing?

Commercial roof replacement includes removing the existing roof from a commercial property such as a factory or storefront, and replacement with a new roof. The process is similar to residential roof replacement, except that there are usually more materials to choose from. There are generally more code requirements involved with commercial properties due to the obvious liability implications, so you need a roofing agency you can trust.

Types of Commercial Roofing Systems

ANC Roofing offers the following types of commercial roofing systems for customers in the Greater Orlando Area:


How We Estimate the Cost of a Commercial Roof Replacement

The focus of our estimates is to help our customers figure out the needs of the roof. That includes decisions about whether repair, re-roofing or replacement are the best way to satisfy their concerns. Of course, need isn’t always the motivating factor.

ANC Roofing follows the best practices in roof inspection, and our inspection will include the following steps and considerations.

  • The type of roof (flat or sloped) and its material makeup (tiles, shingles, asphalt) are the first items we assess.
  • Cost is calculated according to square footage, which we assess using remote satellite measuring, as well as tried-and-true hands-on methods.
  • These measurements are used to form an approximate cost based on the materials used. Pricing for materials varies, but more durable materials are more expensive. These costs range anywhere from $3 per square foot to $18-20.
  • The labor costs of any given roof replacement task will vary according to how challenging it is to reach the roof. Roof access decides how difficult and time-consuming the daily task of replacement will be, so it must be factored into the roof replacement estimate.
  • The condition of the area beneath the roof also factors into labor costs. If foundational parts like insulation and support structures are severely damaged, the task requires more work to fix, so labor costs will reflect these conditions.
  • Finally, we consider the requirements of your regional building codes to make sure all work meets legal and safety requirements before providing you with an estimate.

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Additional Roofing Services

Along with our commercial roof replacement services, we offer many additional roofing services, including:

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