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  • 12/18/2023 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    Advantages of Owning a Metal Roof

    When replacing your roof, it’s tempting to stick with the same material you’ve always had. But less common options like metal roofing have a lot to offer, too. Indeed, metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, and it’s not hard to see why. If you’re on the fence about a metal roof installation, here’s why you should seriously consider it for your Florida home.

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  • Residential roofing
    12/18/2023 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    How to Get Insurance to Pay for Roof Replacement

    Navigating a roof replacement can be daunting, especially when you’re looking to get it covered by insurance. You might be asking questions like, “How do I claim roof damage on insurance?” or “How do I get my roof replaced by insurance?” Don’t worry—you’re not alone in this. Understanding the ins and outs of replacing your roof with insurance is important to restore your home’s structural integrity as affordably as possible. This guide covers what the process entails and provides insights on how to get insurance to pay for your roof replacement without unnecessary hassle.

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  • 12/18/2023 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    Roof Damage & Insurance Claims

    Dealing with roof damage is a headache, but your predicament is much more manageable once you understand how to navigate the insurance claims process. Since the roof is your Florida home’s first line of defense against the elements, you should repair it as soon as possible. From wind damage to moisture intrusion, your roof faces numerous threats, and knowing how to get your roof replaced by insurance can save you a lot of stress. Follow this guide for everything you need to know, from understanding your homeowner’s insurance to successfully filing a roof insurance claim.

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  • Roof Warranties Coverage in Orlando, FL
    09/14/2023 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    Roof Warranties

    Explore Roof Warranties

    Selecting the right roofing contractor is a decision of paramount importance, and at the core of this choice lie trust, expertise, and longevity. At ANC Roofing, we understand that your home is not just a building; it’s a sanctuary that shelters your loved ones and all of your belongings. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond merely providing quality roofing services. We believe in giving our clients peace of mind and confidence in their investment through robust warranty offerings, clear communication, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

    Choosing a roofing contractor is a task that demands due diligence. It require examining several factors, including their expertise, experience, reputation, and the types of roofing they specialize in. Among these key factors, one critical consideration often overlooked is the warranty they offer. Understanding the significance of roofing warranties, often underrated and misunderstood, can make all the difference in the long run. They provide substantial value, especially when backed by a reputable company like ours.

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  • Professional Roof Repairer in Orlando, FL
    12/29/2022 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    Is It Okay to Walk on Your Roof?

    Is It Okay to Walk on Your Roof?

    Walking on your roof is a classic case of “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” Whether you are walking on your roof to inspect a leak or hang Christmas decorations, you face safety and insurance risks that are too significant to chance. 

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  • Roof Replacement in Orlando, FL
    12/29/2022 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    Garage Roof Replacement Cost in Orlando, FL

    Industry-leading Garage Roof Replacement With ANC Roofing

    A reliable garage roof is a barrier, taking on the vital role of protecting your home from the potentially harmful elements of the outdoors. When your garage roof’s performance declines, it’s essential to replace it before it inflicts costly damage on your home. At ANC Roofing, our professional roofing contractors offer industry-leading roof replacement without breaking the bank!

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  • 05/04/2021 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    Spring Maintenance for Your Roof

    Once it starts to get warm enough to have cookouts and backyard gatherings, it’s time to take care of your roof. For most people, their roofs don’t come to mind when they think about spring cleaning, but regular maintenance is a vital part of protecting your roof’s longevity.

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  • Metal Roof
    05/04/2021 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    The Benefits of Metal Roofs

    When you’re in the market for a new roof, you have to think about the longevity and sustainability of the materials you choose. Metal is a reliable roofing option that can add to the value of your home.

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  • Leaves and twigs clogging up a home's gutter
    08/27/2020 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    Four of the Biggest Threats to Your Home’s Roof

    A working roofing system provides your home with insulation, protection from inclement weather, and rainwater diversion. If your roof gets damaged, your home may become vulnerable to structural issues, water seepage, and other problems. Here are four of the biggest threats to your home’s roof.

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  • Blue Roof
    06/09/2020 - ancconstructioninc 0 Comments
    Roofing Trends to Watch for in 2020

    If you’re budgeting for a new roof this year, it’s time to explore the new and innovative options available for your home. Whether you’re interested in boosting your curb appeal or increasing efficiency, these are the top four roofing trends to look for in 2020.

    Flat Silhouettes

    This year, a flat roof looks anything but boring. Homeowners who love a sleek, modern look appreciate the clean lines created by this shape. If you eventually plan to install solar panels, a roof garden, or other sustainable features, consider prepping your property for the upgrade with a flat roof.

    Metal Roofing

    While asphalt roofing shingles have long been a mainstay, aluminum and steel roofs are becoming much more common. Even if you’ve never considered a metal roof before, you may be swayed by benefits like:

    • Durability: Metal roofs last up to five decades with minimal maintenance requirements.
    • Sustainability: Homeowners can choose recycled materials and the metal can be recycled again when it’s time for an upgrade.
    • Appearance: Metal works with a range of architectural styles and decor aesthetics, so it’s a versatile choice. Choose from various colors, including brown, copper, bronze, and blue.

    Upgraded Asphalt Choices

    As the most common type of roof in the United States, asphalt can hardly be called a trend. However, today’s varieties put a new spin on this classic roofing material with enhanced durability and a more diverse range of color and finish choices. Homeowners can also select reflective asphalt shingles that keep the roof and the home cool, an attractive proposition here in sunny Florida. With proper care, asphalt can last up to 25 years, even in extreme heat.

    Light Colors

    While black, gray, and brown roofs are still the norm, more homeowners are choosing lighter roof hues than ever before. Look for neutral shades like taupe and ecru along with bold primary colors like blue, green, and red.

    If you live in Orlando, Winter Garden, and the surrounding area, ANC Roofing Inc. offers competitive pricing on new roofs, along with free estimates, financing options, and comprehensive warranty programs. Call 407-654-4500 or complete our online form to request an estimate.

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  • House for Sale by Owner
    11/11/2019 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    How Installing a New Roof Is Good for Selling a Home

    Neighborhood, school district, size, amenities—these are all important features when it comes time to put a house on the market. One home feature that’s often overlooked, however, is its roof, and according to recent reports by Remodeling Magazine, having a new roof can increase a home’s market value by up to $12,000. Here’s how installing a new roof is one way to increase the chances of a quick, successful home sale.

    A New Roof Increases the Chance of a Successful Inspection

    The condition of a home’s roof tells prospective buyers a lot about how secure and updated the property is. Having a recent roof replacement is especially helpful during a home inspection, which is a major selling point. A roof that’s falling apart or showing obvious signs of wear and tear will be a major red flag to inspectors, so installing a new one can ensure a more positive inspection.

    Appearance Is Everything

    When prospective buyers arrive at a home for sale, the first thing they’ll do is inspect the house’s exterior to gain a first impression. If the roof is damaged, missing shingles, or appears otherwise in need of repairs, buyers will be less inclined to consider purchasing. Having a roof replacement ensures that the home’s exterior looks updated and safe, which will be a major selling factor to buyers.

    A New Roof Can Mean Energy Savings

    As sustainability and energy efficiency become increasingly attractive as home features, new roofing that complies with environmental standards will become more desirable to buyers. Some new roofing materials are specially designed to better reflect solar heat, which reduces overall energy consumption and, as a result, energy expenses. Showing buyers that a home is outfitted for a "greener" future can, therefore, be a major selling point.

    Having a roof replacement can increase a home’s chances on the market in several ways. For over 25 years, ANC Roofing Inc. has been outfitting homes in Winter Garden and the surrounding Orlando area with modern, lasting roofing. To learn more about how a new roof can benefit your home, give us a call today at 407-654-4500.

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  • Dark and light grey clouds at night in the middle of a thunderstorm
    08/02/2019 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    Wind-Resistant Roof Features

    Florida residents need a wind-resistant roof with the strength to withstand hurricane-strength gales. These are the most important features for homeowners to consider when choosing a durable, long-lasting roof for the area’s tropical climate.

    Shape and Style

    A four-sided roof, also known as a hip roof, is better able to stand up to strong winds than other designs. Homes with a gable roof, which features only two or three sides with a pitch, rather than four, should consider bracing to strengthen the gable walls and meet the International Residential Code (IRC) guidelines for building projects.

    Design Features

    In regions where hurricanes are common, a moderate roof pitch reduces wind load and keeps the structure intact under strong winds. Roofs with a steep pitch can be affected by uplift when strong winds arise. Most experts recommend moderately sloping or flat roofs with eaves no wider than 2 feet to help prevent uplift, ideally less than 20 inches or nonexistent.

    Sealed seams cover the gaps that let the roof materials expand and contract with roofing tape. This measure prevents leakage in heavy rains. Experts recommend a frieze board that is notched to accommodate the rafters and attached to both the roof and the walls of the home.


    When it comes to roofing materials, some choices are stronger than others. Metal and tile are the best options to help with wind resistance. Shingles should be attached to thick plywood with closely spaced nails for best results; roofs constructed before 1992 might be attached with staples rather than nails, which were removed from the building code after Hurricane Andrew. Homeowners can also consider a synthetic felt underlay to provide added protection. All materials should meet the IRC’s Class 4 rating for impact resistance.

    Wall framing should be attached to the roof rafters with hurricane straps or other attachments designed to reduce uplift. In coastal areas, wood should be copper-treated to resist corrosion and connected with either galvanized or stainless steel nails.

    ANC Roofing Inc. provides free estimates, affordable financing, competitive pricing, and generous warranties for our customers in Winter Park, Orlando, and surrounding areas who want new wind-resistant roofs that can stand up to the region’s weather. Complete our online form or call 407-654-4500 to request a free estimate.

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  • Energy Efficient Roofs
    06/24/2019 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    The Most Energy-Efficient Roofing Materials

    The average household in the United States spends between 2 and 3 percent of their total income on electric bills. While this may not sound like a huge slice of the pie, it factors out to around $1,200 per year, which is a significant amount of money for most homes. Florida is largely in line with these national averages, with 2.4 percent of household income going to electric bills and an average annual cost of $1,152, according to Electric Choice, a collection of energy data consultants. With an expense that large, it makes sense for homeowners to look for ways to save on their energy costs. Since heating and cooling make up the largest portion of residential energy use, finding energy-efficient ways to cut back on temperature regulation is a good place to start. An energy-efficient roof is a simple but effective way that any house can save money on their power bills.


    Shingles are one of the most popular energy-efficient roof options for residential homes nationwide. They can be made from asphalt, shake, or other materials. Homeowners should look for shingle roofing in the "Cool Color" series, which coats the shingles with a highly reflective covering that reflects light and heat away from the home. This helps keep the upper parts of the home cooler, reducing A/C costs.


    It may seem counterintuitive, but metal is a very good choice for an energy-efficient roof. Metal is quick and easy to install and can come in large sheets or in tiles made to mimic the appearance of shingles. Metal roofing is extremely durable and, like shingles, can be coated in a reflective covering that greatly improves its reflective qualities, dissipating heat away from the home and reducing cooling costs.

    ANC Roofing Inc. has over 25 years of experience installing beautiful, long-lasting roofs, helping Floridians save money on their electric bills without compromising their home’s aesthetics. Our roofs are backed by an industry-leading warranty, and we offer financing so that you can start saving money sooner. If you’re ready to see how easy it can be to get a great new energy-efficient roof, call ANC Roofing Inc. today at 407-654-4500 for a free estimate.

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  • Sold
    11/29/2018 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    Should I Replace the Roof Before Selling My Home?

    People looking to sell their home are often faced with the choice of selling their home as-is or investing money in fixing the place up in the hope that this will lead to a higher sale price. When considering selling, the expense of a new roof must be weighed against the increased value of the home, as well as many other factors.

    Factors to Consider 

    The first thing sellers should consider is the return on investment. A seller ideally wants to get as much money back on the cost of a new roof when they sell the home. According to Remodeling Magazine , the return on investment is usually between 63 percent and 72 percent. Time is also a factor. In a hot real estate market, buyers will skip over homes that lack curb appeal. A new roof looks great and will attract people to take a deeper look at the home. A new roof will also help avoid the house sitting on the market for months while other more attractive properties sell. Plus, a buyer (or their lender) might insist on repairs being made before the sale or use it as a reason to knock down the asking price.

    Roof Repair 

    Not every roof needs to be completely replaced. In many cases, a roof repair will do the trick. It may not boost the curb appeal the same way a new roof does, but it will take care of any problems that a buyer would find during a home inspection, and it is a less expensive option for you. Roof repair can be a good middle ground when the roof is overall in good shape but some spots need fixing.

    Before you sell your home, take the time to consider the benefits of replacing or even repairing your roof. To make an informed decision, call ANC Roofing Inc., your neighborhood roofing company in Winter Garden and Orlando. We can provide you with a free estimate for a new roof or repairs to your existing roof so you can know exactly what it will cost to get your place ready to go on the market. Visit our gallery to view some of our best work and contact us today.

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  • Clay Tile Roofs
    11/14/2018 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    How Are Clay Roofing Tiles Made?

    One of the most popular types of roofs on Florida homes is clay tile. Clay tile roofs are big in the Sunshine State because they’re durable and long-lasting, even with Florida’s heat and unpredictable hurricane season. Let’s take a closer look at why this roofing material is so commonly used and its production process.

    Sturdy Roofs That Last 

    Clay roof tiles work well with nearly any slope, so they’re found on many different styles of homes. Terracotta is frequently used because it maintains its color for decades, even in Florida’s sun. Clay is an all-natural material that’s easy to maintain, won’t burn, and can last over a century. With these exceptional qualities, it’s easy to see why clay is so popular.

    Clay Tile Production

    Technology has both changed the way roofs are made and reduced the environmental impact of the production process. The industry is still looking for ways to "go green," but production currently consists of three stages:

    •  Quarrying: Manufacturers situate their plants alongside clay deposits and sand quarries to minimize the energy spent on transporting materials. Certain "green" codes of practice aim to reduce the ecological impact and prevention of pollution during quarrying, and clay pits are often recycled into nature reserves once tapped out. 
    • Raw Material Preparation: The clay is then stockpiled and crushed for several days, and water and other raw materials like sawdust may be added to get the right consistency and porosity. Next, clay is pressed between molds for interlocking tiles or molded and cut into bricks.
    • Drying and Firing: Shaped clay enters a high-temperature kiln for firing, where the heat makes them resistant to deterioration. This is the step that requires the most energy expenditure, but manufacturers continue to seek ways to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, including the use of better kilns, high-speed burners, and automated process control.

    Receive an Estimate Today 

    Once firing is complete, clay tiles are packed and distributed to roof companies like ANC Roofing Inc. We provide new roof installation and roof repair services to Winter Garden and Orlando homes, and our clay tiles are extremely popular. We know the importance of having a quality roof, and we can help you obtain one easily by offering financing options, warranties, and competitive prices. Call ANC Roofing Inc. at 407-654-4500 or contact us online for a free estimate!

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  • Metal Roof
    11/07/2018 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    Roof Repair Checklist After a Storm

    After a large storm or hurricane, roof repair is the first thing on most homeowners’ minds. Here’s how to inspect a roof for damage after it has sustained inclement weather.

    Clear Off Debris 

    Leaving debris on top of the building for long periods of time may result in even more damage, which is why it is important to rely on professionals to assess the condition of the roof and clear away debris. This is because debris such as branches, leaves, and broken roofing materials can develop mildew, mold, and rot over time. Additionally, debris can hide more serious problems such as missing shingles that need repair or holes in a roof that could lead to more damage down the road.

    Look for Popped Nails

    During a storm, pressure applied to the roof can bring nails up to the surface, even if the roof is metal. Before addressing any further damage, inspect the roof, home, yard, and driveway for any nails that could pose a danger to children and loved ones. This will also make further roof repair less dangerous. 

    Check for Leaks and Water Damage

    After a storm, keep an eye out for signs of leaks. An easy way to do so is to pay careful attention to indoor light fixtures. If they are flashing or otherwise visibly damaged, it could be a sign that water is pooling through fans or ceiling fixtures. This could result in hazards such as electrical fires, electrocution, mold and rot, or even the ceiling caving in entirely, so notify a professional quickly. Using a flashlight, examine any water stains on the roof, walls, or ceilings as well. If possible, run an industrial dehumidifier to reduce moisture levels in the home that could cause mold, mildew, or infestation of pests who are attracted to rotting wood.

    Inspect the Attic

    As the home’s first defense against rain and inclement weather, it’s important to check the attic for any signs of damage or debris. Wet spots, potential leaks, or other damage can quickly escalate into costly or dangerous issues. Even small leaks can lead to mildew or mold, which could result in health risks.

    Any signs of roof damage should be addressed quickly and investigated by a roofing expert. For more information about services from ANC Roofing Inc. or our financing , call us at 407-654-4500 for a free estimate today!

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  • ANC roofer pointing out damages to a shingle rooftop
    08/06/2018 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    Inspecting Your Home for Signs of a Roof Leak

    ​​Roof leaks can be difficult to spot because they often leave no obvious signs of damage, and by the time they do, the damage may be extensive. Plus, when there are obvious signs of a leak—like water stains—the leak may not be happening in that spot. There are a few steps homeowners can take to determine if they need roof repair services.

    What to Look for Outside

    A full roof inspection should be left to the pros, but certain damage can be spotted from the ground, like curling, cracked, torn, or missing shingles. If only a small portion of the roof is damaged, shingle repair services might do the trick. Extensive damage may require a full roof replacement. Leaks could also happen where gutters are filling with debris, decaying, or sagging, which can especially be a problem during Florida’s rainy season. Chimneys that are leaning or have damaged bricks also need to be checked by a professional for signs of leaks. A roofing professional can also check the roof’s flashing, cement, ridge vents, and other elements to ward off damage caused by water leaks.

    What to Look for Inside

    An indoor inspection is easier to perform, but there may still not be obvious signs of a leak. There may be peeling paint, signs of moisture, or brown, yellow, or grey stains on the walls and ceilings. Damp rafters in the attic are also a common sign of leakage. An increase in heating and cooling costs could also indicate a ventilation problem.

    Preventing Leaks and Damage

    The best way to prevent leaks and damage is to detect potential issues before they arise, and that’s why it’s so vital to schedule regular inspections with a professional. Taking early action to correct a small problem could save thousands of dollars on roof repair down the road, not to mention the cost of repairing damage to the walls, ceiling, and foundation of the home. Undetected leaks can also promote the growth of mold and mildew, which can exacerbate allergies, asthma, and breathing issues for everyone inside the home.

    The professional roofers at ANC Roofing Inc. know how to spot signs of damage, and we can make the necessary roof repairs or complete replacement quickly for residents in Winter Garden and Orlando. If you notice any signs of a leak in your roof, call us at 407-654-4500 or contact us for a free estimate. 



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  • Clay Tile Roofs
    06/04/2018 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    Maintenance Tips for Clay Tile Roofs

    Clay tile is among today’s most popular styles of roofing. Under normal circumstances, an annual inspection and periodic maintenance are sufficient to keep clay roofing in excellent condition and free of leaks. Here are some tips for keeping clay roofing trouble-free and the home dry.

    Schedule an Annual Inspection 

    Schedule a professional inspection of the roof every spring or fall. A qualified roofing contractor knows where to find the cracks, chips, bruising, and other distortions caused by rain, heat, wind, snow, and ice. Immediately replace any tiles that are cracked or leaking.

    Combat Roof Algae

    Clay tiles tend to attract algae. A low-pressure power washer and a mild solution of dish detergent and warm water will eliminate it, but never aim the spray directly at the tiles—water pressure can crack them. An appropriate sealant will discourage the accumulation of algae, dirt, and mold on the roof.

    Limit the Threat of Routine Debris


    In addition to algae, clay tile roofing is as vulnerable as any other roof to the natural accumulation of tree branches, leaves, grime, and other airborne debris. Too much of this rubble clogs gutters and backs up water that can leak through the roof and cascade from it, increasing the possibility of repairs in and outside the home. At this point, a qualified roofing contractor should be contacted for an evaluation.

    Prevent Potential Calamities


    Targeting and fixing small issues as they occur tends to avert repairs—even new roofing—in the future. In addition to periodically cleaning the gutters and downspouts, cover them with a layer of wire mesh to keep excessive debris from collecting. In the wake of heavy storms or rapid thaws, schedule a professional inspection of the underside of the roof from the attic to detect any stages of leaking.

    For 24 years, ANC Roofing Inc. has provided Central Florida residents with reliable, quality services in all areas of roofing and repair. Our skilled roofing contractors are specialists in the maintenance, repair, and installation of all types of roofing. Please call us at 407-654-4500 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate.

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  • Flat Roofs
    03/16/2018 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    Water Drainage Systems for Flat Roofs

    Opportunities for a rooftop garden or more outdoor living space are among the most appealing characteristics of a flat roof. Accompanying a flat roof’s desirable aspects, however, are challenges that include roof repair and the efficient drainage of water from heavy rainfalls and storms. Here are the three most common drainage systems for a flat roof.

    Gutters Are Easily Installed But Require Maintenance 

    Gutters are the easiest types of drain systems to purchase and install. They keep water from pouring off the roof, protect window openings and doorways, and prevent water from pooling and rising near the building’s foundation. Gutters require continuous cleaning throughout the year. They can collect leaves from overhanging tree branches, dirt, and debris that, when not removed, render gutters ineffective.

    Inner Drains Are Protected From the Elements

    Inner drains are installed in or near the middle of a home or building, then attached to pipes that drain water from the roof. Just make sure the roofing materials are correctly attached to the drains. Protected inside the roof and walls, the pipes are not threatened by freezing during winter months. A custom strainer can be made to prevent clogging, but even a slight amount of debris can block it. Keep in mind that inner drains usually require a professional technician for roof repair and maintenance.

    Scuppers Can Increase Efficiency

    Scuppers are openings in curbs or walls on the outer edges of a flat roof that allow water to drain away. When designed and installed correctly, scuppers form an effective, low-cost water drainage system that requires minimal maintenance. If the scuppers are sufficiently large or wide to handle their buildup, leaves and debris are blown off the roof or steered away from the building. Just be sure scupper runoff does not accumulate near the foundation or a wall.

    Flat roofs are appealing for a wide range of architectural and lifestyle reasons. Many homes also have roofs with portions of flat areas, such as garages, porches, and balconies. The key to properly maintaining a flat roof is ensuring consistent water drainage and, if necessary, filing insurance claims when roof repair is required from heavy rainfall or storm damage.

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  • Rooftop Repairing
    01/02/2018 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    What Is a Wind Mitigation Report?

    Being a homeowner can include implementing many financial and preventative measures that aren’t always apparent. Getting a wind mitigation report is a simple way to ensure that a home can withstand the test of time physically and prevent unnecessary costs in the long run.

    What Is Wind Mitigation? 

    To understand what a wind mitigation report is, it’s important first to understand wind mitigation. Wind mitigation is simply the process of adding certain features or developments to a home that make it more durable against long term wind damage. Some choices can be as simple as choosing between metal, shingle, or tile roofing. This process increases resistance to winds of very high speeds. Wind mitigation is particularly necessary for areas that receive frequent hurricanes or severe storms.

    Breaking Down the Wind Mitigation Report

    Since wind mitigation is so important to the structure of a home, roofing professionals offer wind mitigation reports. These reports are an assessment of how prepared a home is to withstand severe winds of high speeds. Although these reports are not required by insurance, even in Florida where we receive lots of hurricane damage, they are still highly recommended and can be a selling point in the sale of a home. They provide detailed notifications of problem areas and potential weak spots on a homeowner’s roof and foundation.

    Benefits of Having A Wind Mitigation Report

    Receiving a wind mitigation report is the best fool-proof way to know how prepared a home is to withstand the forces of nature. Particularly in target states, it is more beneficial to know for sure that a home is prepared than to risk long-term damages. These reports can lead to homeowners installing more secure preventative measures against high speed and damaging winds. These can range from water barriers to prevent against intense rain, window and door coverings such as shatterproof windows and storm shutters, and roof to foundation anchoring.

    Receiving a wind mitigation report is a simple project that can pay off significantly in the long run by protecting a home against potential damage, thereby preventing costs on problems such as roof repair. To receive a free estimate for a roofing project or a mitigation report, contact the professionals at ANC Roofing Inc. today by calling 407-654-4500.

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  • Two workers trying to fix a roof
    12/29/2017 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    Understanding Material Vs. Labor Warranties for Roofs

    From renovating an existing house to brand new construction, a new roof is a big purchase. A roof warranty can help a homeowner feel secure that their purchase will last. While homeowners often focus on how long the roof’s warranty lasts, it’s just as important to know what, exactly, is covered.

    Material Warranty

    A material warranty, also known as a manufacturer’s warranty, usually covers only the materials used to build the roof. Materials-only warranties typically cost less than a full-system warranty, but they just cover the roof membrane and do not cover flashing, edging, or other parts of the roof. They will also usually only cover the cost of repair or credit towards replacement in the case of a defect or early deterioration of the materials. This may be a good option for a family with budget considerations, but it will be less cost-effective if major roofing repairs are needed.

    Labor Warranty 

    A labor warranty is offered by the installers of the roof and covers the labor costs associated with repairing a defect in the roofing materials. It is often confused with a roof workmanship warranty, which covers mistakes made by laborers during installation; however, a labor warranty typically does not cover installation errors.

    Full-System Warranty

    In a full-system warranty, all parts of the roof are covered in the event of leaks, including the flashing, insulation, adhesives, and more. The labor costs associated with repairs are also usually covered. Although a full-system warranty is the most expensive, it can pay for itself if extensive repairs are needed. Of course, every warranty is different, so homeowners should be sure to read the paperwork thoroughly.

    Purchase a Warranty From ANC Roofing Inc.

    At ANC Roofing Inc., we believe in providing a full-service roofing experience to our customers throughout Winter Garden and Orlando. When you purchase a Lifetime Roof Warranty from us, you are purchasing peace of mind for as long as you have your home. For your free estimate, call us today at (407) 654-4500 or contact us online.

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  • 04/24/2017 - ancconstructioninc 0 Comments
    Site Launch

    Our new website is finally up. We’ve worked hard to get a beautiful new site ready and we’re proud to show it off. Thanks for reading our blog. We have lots of great blog posts in the works. Please check back or contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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  • 11/16/2016 - ANC Roofing Inc. 0 Comments
    Roofing in the Summer? Here’s What You Need to Know.

    Roofs are a big investment. Understandably, homeowners want them to last, and therefore raise concerns ranging from the effect of insulation placement on shingle lifespans to the effect of the environment on roofing installations. The good news is, with the help of a good roofing contractor, roofs can withstand hot conditions.

    The Effect of Insulation

    Homeowners and roofing companies alike have raised concerns about how insulation placement affects roof heat. They worry that insulation placed along the roofline above the attic, rather than along the ceiling below the attic, will increase the effect of heat and decrease the shingle lifespan. In 2000, the Florida Solar Energy Center conducted a study to address these concerns. They found that in houses with insulation along the roofline, the shingles were warmer by two degrees Fahrenheit on average, with a maximum difference of nine degrees Fahrenheit at noon. These heat differences were too small to make much of a difference in shingle lifespan.

    The Effect of Environment

    Installing roofs in temperatures above eighty degrees Fahrenheit or environments with high humidity can lead to overly malleable shingles and dried out the adhesive. However, experienced roofing contractors should know how to work around these setbacks. For example, they can apply adhesive more quickly in warmer weather so it does not dry out.

    While it’s preferable to only expose roofs to ideal weather conditions, this frequently isn’t an option. Rest assured that even in the heat, a quality roof can last for a long time.

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    Factors That Shape Roofing Estimates

    Why are some roof estimates seemingly sky high, while others seem a real steal? For context, HomeAdvisor’s roofing cost guide reports a 2016 national average roof cost of $6,794, based on job costs ranging between $2,000 and $25,000.

    Simply put, all not roof estimates are created equally because no two roofs are identical. The particulars of each roof affect the amount of materials and labor required. Then there’s the competition component (reflected in cost estimates, financing, and more).

    While roofs do differ from job to job, the following factors all weigh heavily on any professional roof estimate.

    – Size and pitch of roof: the steeper the pitch, the bigger the roof, and the more labor, materials, and time needed.

    – Choice of roofing materials, installation method, and number of layers: previously repaired roofs may have more layers to strip.

    – Local building codes and local market: roof regulations, supply prices, and labor costs all vary by region.

    – Skylights, chimneys, plumbing pipes, or other rooftop issues: the more of these there are, the higher the estimate.

    Whether for a new roof or a repair, to find the best fit for the job, one should always get 2-3 estimates and accept the lowest offer that will still yield a leakproof, professionally installed roof. Remember: the smartest money many homeowners ever spend is on a top-quality roofing job.

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    Roofing 101: How to Decide Whether You Need a Metal, Shingle, or Tile Roof

    Homeowners should invest time to select just the right roof since it will be an essential part of their home for many years to come. Carefully consider the following factors when trying to choose between a metal, shingle, or tile roof.

    Style and Durability

    The style of a home matters when it comes to choosing an optimal roof. For example, a tile roof is the traditional architectural choice for a Mediterranean style home. Even so, a metal roof can be used with a Mediterranean design to create clean lines. Using a metal roof helps ensure that minimal exterior cleaning and maintenance is necessary.

    The Big Picture

    In addition to style and practical factors when trying to pick between a metal, shingle, or tile roof, homeowners need to consider how environmentally friendly roofing materials are. Metal roofs win here. They cause only a small carbon footprint, unlike shingle roofs. Also, metal roofing materials are also often primarily made from recycled materials and help homeowners save on energy costs.

    Finally, when looking for a new roof, homeowners need to take the time to assess their unique needs. While metal, shingle, and tile roofs all have something special to offer, metal roofs are energy-efficient and are likely to last the longest.

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